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About Chiropractic

Welcome to Top Chiropractic Acupuncture! Our highly trained Chiropractors, remedial therapists and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners help to find and treat the cause of your problems, not just manage symptoms. Life without pain is possible – why put up with it any longer?

Many people endure chronic and day-to-day pain or illness, using nothing but over-the-counter painkillers as treatment. While this approach addresses symptoms for a few hours, it does nothing to combat the underlying cause of injury-related or ongoing health problems. Fortunately, that’s exactly what our Chiropractors, Chinese Medicine experts and remedial therapists are dedicated to doing: finding and treating the root cause of ill-health, not just managing pain by the hour. We help you live life pain free.

" Our Services "

Our services treat musculoskeletal conditions, mental and physical illness, once-off and chronic pain and much more. We prioritise customer experience, meaning your comfort and happiness always come first, and rebates are available through Medicare and private health cover. Why wait any longer? Make an appointment with us today, so you can stop hurting and start living.

"Conditions We Treat "

Whether your health concern is chronic or injury-specific, acute or dull, physical or emotional, you’ll find effective, holistic treatment options here. Explore our Chiropractic, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Rehabilitation services to learn how you can live without pain and illness.

Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck pain and headaches are some of the most common issues our clinic treats through both our Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic services. Sub-occipital, frontal and migraine headaches often have underlying causes of misalignment in the neck, while the causes of neck pain and stiffness can be uncovered through a professional spinal examination.

Headaches are so common, most people consider them a normal part of life and treat them with painkillers and other medicines. However, medications can often have side effects, and do nothing to address the origins of head and neck pain.

Neck Pain and Headaches
Musculoskeletal sporting injuries

Musculoskeletal sporting injuries

Anyone who incorporates physical activity into their lifestyle will know that injuries can be both highly painful and highly inconvenient. Bone, muscle, ligament and tendon problems can be treated through professional Chiropractic treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicinal practices.

Sporting injuries are extremely common, and can affect just about any area of the body. Many sports feature rapid stops and starts, bodily contact and other unusual strains on the spine and broader structural system. This can result in a variety of concerns, although soft tissue injuries to the ligaments, muscles, tendons joints, and connective tissues are more common.

Pregnancy Care and New Mums

Chiropractic treatment can assist with fertility issues, pre- and post-natal mental health care, morning sickness and pelvic instability. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices and Chiropractic services can benefit people of any age and throughout pregnancy itself.

No one can deny the joy and excitement that comes with pregnancy, but the physical pain and discomfort it’s often paired with is hard to ignore. During pregnancy, the body undergoes a vast array of changes, the combination of which can lead to various painful symptoms. Weight fluctuations, altered hormone levels, changed physical activity levels and the structural changes that occur to accommodate a growing foetus can all wreak havoc on the proper functioning of a mother’s body.

Pregnancy Care and New Mums
Anxiety, Depression and Emotional Concerns

Anxiety, Depression and Emotional Concerns

Chiropractic examination of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems can reveal hidden causes of poor mental health. Interruptions to the proper functioning of the nervous system can present as mental health and emotional difficulties, which can be alleviated by locating and treating the interference itself.

Our physical bodies and our emotional wellbeing are hugely interconnected. We experience feelings and emotions through information received by the nervous system. This information exists in the form of neuropeptides, which are small protein chemicals that transmit information within the nervous system. These neuropeptides, like endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, determine how we feel.

Muscular Aches, Pains and Strains

Small misalignments, injuries, postural issues and other day to day mechanical problems can lead to a whole host of painful physical symptoms. Instead of treating these individual symptoms with medication, we find the original and underlying cause of pain and deliver targeted treatment.

Pain in the muscles, joints, and other parts of the musculoskeletal system can be site-specific or referred. Symptoms can include sharp pain, dull aches, numbness, pins and needles, tingling and more. Most site-specific symptoms are relatively straightforward, as the site of the pain is also the site of the injury, mechanical issue or inflammation that is causing it.

Muscular Aches, Pains and Strains
Shoulder, Chest and Rib Problems

Shoulder, Chest and Rib Problems

Instability through the shoulder, chest and rib region is fairly common, but can lead to pain and misalignment elsewhere as well. As the body tries to accommodate existing mechanical issues or injuries, imbalances can emerge. Problems in the chest, shoulder and rib region can have flow-on effects for the back muscles, the spine and create difficulty breathing. Traditional Chinese Medicine can be instrumental in relieving multiple pressure points in the upper body, and Chiropractic adjustments are hugely effective in relieving pain and remedying misalignment.

Many afflictions that affect the chest will also have implications for the shoulders and ribs, as the body attempts to accommodate for a weakened or impaired joint, muscle or tendon. Spinal misalignment can also lead to imbalances in the rib cage, which in turn will affect the chest muscles and other areas like the collar bones, sternum and shoulders.

Postural Issues

Postural issues can range from mild to severe, and include everything from hunching to slouching to scoliosis, and even temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). Treating postural difficulties early is important in combatting the potential damage done to the body. Identifying the root cause of postural difficulties remedies not only the postural problem itself, but the other adjustments made by the body in order to accommodate poor posture as well.

Poor posture can be a good indication of overall spinal health, highlighting possible misalignments, the existence of scoliosis or the risk of back and neck pain. It can be difficult to remember to maintain good posture throughout the day, but slouching, carrying heavy bags (especially on one shoulder) and extended periods of slumped seated positions are all bad postural habits that can develop into significant long term problems.

Postural Issues
Children and Babies

Children and Babies

Children of all aged can benefit from a visit to the Chiropractor! Chiropractic can mitigate some of the stress placed on a newborn during the birthing process, identify potential alignment issues and combat behavioural problems in school aged children. Other common childhood concerns (like bed wetting, poor sleeping patterns, growing pains and more!) can also be treated effectively with Chiropractic. Children respond very well to Chiropractic treatment, and specific Traditional Chinese Medicinal treatments are also effective in the treatment of children.

When it comes to young patients, prevention is always better than a cure. Spinal problems, if addressed in the developmental stages of life, can be treated before they even fully form, meaning future problems are cared for before they’ve even appeared. Spinal problems can eventually result in serious immobility, back and neck pain and headaches. However, if these conditions are treated early in life, children who experience them are likely to enjoy better quality of life into adolescence and adulthood.

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